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ByGatekeepers Association Oct 3, 2017

One Man’s Opinion: Regarding Pastor Hamm’s Statement by Fr. Mitchell Pacwa, SJ, Ph. D.

Football Protests The protests by football players over the past few months has led to a variety of miscommunications by a variety of people. O

ByGatekeepers Association Oct 3, 2017

One Pastor’s Opinion: Regarding Pastor Kevin Hamm’s Statement

The Principles of Unity and Justice: A Response to the Kneelers and Pastor Hamm Controversy: Pastor Kevin Hamm, First Baptist Gardendale, said of t

ByGatekeepers Association Oct 1, 2017

Gatekeepers Rate Birmingham Mayoral Candidates

The Gatekeepers Association of Alabama has completed its rating of the Mayoral Candidates as follows. Randall Woodfin 3.96 (rounding up to 4)â

ByGatekeepers Association Sep 25, 2017

Gatekeepers Post Rating of Senate Candidates

Gatekeepers Association Ratings of Senate candidates. The Gatekeepers Association met on September 25 and rated the three Senatorial candidates. Th

ByGatekeepers Association Aug 7, 2017

Meet the 2017 Birmingham Mayoral, City Council & School Board Candidates

The Gatekeepers Association of Alabama is pleased to present to you the candidates that are running for position of Birmingham City Mayor, City Counc

ByGatekeepers Association Jun 13, 2017

Gatekeepers Interview Dr. Randy Brinson Senate Candidate

View the Facebook Live Interview of the Gatekeepers of the former Alabama Christian Coalition President. Running for US Senate Alabama. View on Fac

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