Gatekeepers Recommend “No” Vote to HB399 & Mayor Council Act Amendments

ByGatekeepers Association

Gatekeepers Recommend “No” Vote to HB399 & Mayor Council Act Amendments



Bishop Jim Lowe

Gatekeepers Association of Alabama



HEADLINE: Gatekeepers Association of Alabama recommends voting “NO” on HB399, or the Birmingham Water Works Bill, and “NO” to the current proposed amendments to the Mayor-Council Act of 1955

Birmingham, Alabama, April 5, 2016


The Gatekeepers Association of Alabama (GAA), a diverse group of pastors united to empower the church to influence the governmental realm, recommends our State Legislators vote “NO” to HB399, or the Birmingham Water Works bill, and “NO” to the current proposed amendments to the Mayor-Council Act of 1955. After multiple meetings with several members of the Birmingham City Council as well as members of the Jefferson County Democratic House delegation, including the latest public forum at the Jefferson County Courthouse on April 4, 2016, it has become increasingly the opinion of the GAA that these two elected entities HAVE NOT had sufficient civil dialogue together discussing these two critical pieces of legislation that will impact hundreds of thousands of current citizens and millions to come in future generations as well as the potential control of billions of tax payer dollars. Therefore, these two pieces of legislation SHOULD NOT hastily be voted upon WITHOUT a thoughtful, transparent, intellectual, thorough process involving ALL PARTIES FROM BOTH ELECTED ENTITIES WORKING TOGETHER FOR THE GOOD OF ALL CITIZENS AFFECTED.


Moreover, GAA urges all citizens, especially the voters who voted these current elected officials into office and will vote again next year for Birmingham city offices and in 2018 for state representatives, to call the members of the House Commerce and Small Business Committee concerning HB 399 immediately. Please begin your calls with the clerk for this committee, Mary Ruth Davis, who can send a message to the entire committee:

Mary Ruth Davis                                                  334-242-7696 

Jack Williams, Chair (Jefferson Co)                   334-242-7779 

Dimitri Polizos, Vice Chair (Montgomery Co) 334-242-7469 

Craig Ford, Ranking Minority Leader (Etowah County) 334-242-7690

Louise Alexander (Jefferson Co)                       334-242-7593    

Adline Clarke  (Mobile Co)                                 334-242-7449    

Anthony Daniels (Madison Co)                         334-242-7494

Danny Garrett (Jefferson Co)                            334-242-7535    

Micky Hammon (Limestone Co, Morgan Co) 334-242-7709    

Nathaniel Ledbetter (Dekalb Co.)                    334-242-7492    

Jimmy Martin (Autauga & Chilton Co)            334-242-7139    

Barry Moore (Coffee Co)                                   334-242-7773    

Jim Patterson (Madison Co)                              334-242-7531    

Richie Whorton (Jackson & Madison Co)       334-242-7753    



Additionally, please contact the Jefferson County House delegation concerning the Mayor-Council Act:


Louise Alexander           334-242-7600              205-425-5700                

Jim Carns                         334-242-7600              205-314-9808                

Merika Coleman-Evans 334-242-7755              205-325-5308     

Dickie Drake                    334-242-7727              205-699-7392                

Allen Farley                     334-242-7767              205-477-5617                

David Faulkner               334-242-7600              205-870-9577                

Juandalynn Givan          334-242-7684              205-326-2466                

Arnold Mooney              334-242-7600              205-222-8721                

Mary Moore                    334-242-7608              205-229-9966                

Oliver Robinson              334-242-7769              205-849-6765                

John Rogers                    334-242-7761              205-925-3522                

Rod Scott                        334-242-7752              205-837-5673                

Kyle South                      334-242-7600              205-393-4496                

Patricia Todd                  334-242-7718              205-324-9822                

Allen Treadaway           334-242-7685              205-566-6835                

Tim Wadsworth            334-242-7600              205-712-1792                

Jack Williams                 334-242-7779              205-862-5041                



This recommendation reflects a collective opinion of the entire group and is not considered the official position by any individual members of GAA or any organizations with which the members are affiliated.


Charles Finney wrote, “If our politics become so corrupt that the very foundations of our government are ready to fall away, the pulpit is responsible for it.” We as the GAA accept and embrace our responsibility to empower the church through education, encouragement, exposure and evaluation.


Moreover, GAA encourages continual prayer for our Mayor, Birmingham City Council members, and all State Legislators involved in this decision-making process as well as all other governmental leaders and those serving in our nation’s armed services protecting the freedoms we hold so dear.


“All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.”- Thomas Jefferson.  So “person of good conscience”, let your voice be heard concerning both pieces of legislation.

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