We are headed for a fall!

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We are headed for a fall!

Slide1-3-e1463772725696Edward Gibbon in his classic The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire gives some basic reasons for the fall of Rome: (1) undermining of the sanctity of the home; (2) the rapid increase in divorce; (3) the development of huge armaments and the neglect of the enemy within; (4) the moral degeneracy of the whole society — sexual perversion and homosexuality; and (5) the declension of religious vitality, with formalism supplanting faith and impotence replacing power.

This is a clear picture of USA today. 2 Samuel 8:15 says “So David reigned over all Israel. And David administered justice and equity to all his people.”

We need church back in office where it should be, or we are in trouble! We cannot sit and do nothing saints.
Time for the Church to Arise!
Pastor Michael Edwards

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