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WHY? Because You Can, It Makes A Difference, It Secures Justice For The Future, It Keeps The Government Accountable To The People and It Invests In Our Children’s Future

HOW? To Empower the Church to Think, Speak and Act to Transform Society


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Start or Become Part of A Civic Action Team
  • These are men and women who form a small group in a church and have an interest in the political arena who will assist the Pastor and church to keep aware of events, legislation and topics that will have an impact on the church and the Body of Christ.
  • The intent of this group will be to develop concepts and implement activities that will extend the influence of God’s kingdom principles into governmental realms.
  • They will make phone calls to political representatives of the people to encourage them to maintain Godly principles in their lives and support or create legislation that remains true to the intent of our Founding Fathers and the Word of God.
  • Develop knowledge of offices up for election and the persons holding office
  • Assist the Pastor in research regarding current events with an eye to the possible affect on the Body of Christ
  • Suggest Candidates for Elected offices
  • Suggest Candidates for appointed offices
How To Become A Gatekeeper
  1. Complete the email form to contact us
  2. In the Subject field indicate membership request
  3.  In the message area provide detailed information regarding yourself, your church and your position in your church.