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ByGatekeepers Association Sep 10, 2018

Harvard Study Supports Marriage Reduces Crime

We found that being married is associated with a significant reduction in the probability of crime, averaging approximately 35 percent across

ByGatekeepers Association Sep 10, 2018

Families, Churches, and Crime Prevention

Politicians often argue that the solution to reducing crime is more government programs or building bigger jails. Yet government cannot adequately add

ByGatekeepers Association Sep 10, 2018

The Importance of Dads in an Increasingly Fatherless America

        Studies have found that children raised without a father are: At a higher risk of having behavioral

ByGatekeepers Association Jul 7, 2018

An Introduction to The Gatekeepers Association

To view a video about us, click link above. View video about our association  here

ByGatekeepers Association Jul 7, 2018

Gatekeepers YouTube Videos

The Gatekeepers YouTube channel is where various videos are posted of candidates running for office.  Subscribe to it so you can stay updated about

ByGatekeepers Association Jul 7, 2018

Gatekeepers Post Videos of Candidates for upcoming 7-15-18 Run-offs

In order to help the community to be more knowledgeable regarding the July 17 runoffs. The Gatekeepers Association has published videos produced by ca

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Vision: To Empower the Church to Think, to Speak, and to Act to Transform Society

Mission: To Extend the Influence of God’s Kingdom into the Governmental Realm.

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Why Vote?

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What Makes A Good Candidate?

This is the season when we as the public are bombarded with the appeals for various offices in which candidates tout their leadership ability. Read More »

Vote by Party, Person or Principles?

Is it prudent to put your future in the hands of persons you don't know and who don't know you? Read More »

The Power of the Pulpit

Understand why pastors must speak out regarding the governing of the people. Read More »