5 Reasons Why You Should Vote

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5 Reasons Why You Should Vote

By: Randy W. Williams

  1. Because you can!Only a handful of countries have the freedom to choose their leaders. Americans enjoy this freedom that has come at a great price to obtain and to maintain. For More Click Here
  2. Because it makes a difference!You may be tempted to think that your one vote does not count, or that it will be negated by someone else’s opposite vote, but don’t be deceived. When you vote politicians pay attention! Voting not only selects leaders, it also helps determine policy direction and strength. For More Click Here
  3. Because it secures justice for the future!When a government is truly a representative of the people then all the people can share in the freedoms of society. For More Click Here
  4. Because it keeps the government accountable to the people!As it says in the Declaration of Independence, government should be by “the consent of the governed.” Politicians fear (respect) votes more than publicity of scandal! For More Click Here
  5. Because it invests in our children’s future!What type of America are we handing forward? You have a say-so in it by how you vote. Learn the issues and the candidates, go to the poll, encourage others to go as well. “A democracy with ignorant voters becomes a tyranny every time.” Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J. For More Click Here

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