We determine our own future by our vote

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We determine our own future by our vote

Slide1-3-e1463772725696We as the Church must take this responsibility seriously, if we are to make a decision to cast our vote in favor of anybody, it must be of political affiliation or party. The Christian does not stop being responsible for their actions or beliefs at the voting booth. We must search our hearts and seek those that align themselves with our own beliefs if we are to be responsible representative of the Kingdom of God. Our final vote must mirror who we are and what we stand for. Politics should never cause a compromise of our standing with God!

Believers throughout the ages have lived, and even flourished, under antagonistic, repressive, pagan governments. This was especially true of the first-century believers who, under merciless political regimes, sustained their faith under immense cultural stress. They understood that it was not their governments, but they were the light of the world and the salt of the earth. They adhered to Paul’s teaching to obey their governing authorities, even to honor, respect, and pray for them (Romans 13:1-8).

Submission to government (and higher authority) is important to God, because there is no government in existence that is not ordained by God. Some governments prove to be both cruel and terrible, but each person in authority will give an account of their actions to their Creator come judgment day. Your responsibility is to be in submission to whichever government you find yourself under at the moment. For American Christians, this could change every four years or so.

Americans are governed by the Constitution of the United States and not, necessarily, by whoever sits in the oval office come Election Day. Ours is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Under this political system of democracy, we are granted certain rights and responsibilities.

We have the freedom of speech, the right to assemble, and the right to vote. Therefore, to insist that all Christians should remove themselves from politics altogether is a gross error and, frankly, it goes against God’s revealed will to be submissive to our American government.

If there ever comes a time when you personally find yourself under the rule of a different government, then God’s desire for you is to be submissive to that authority, do what is right, silence ignorant men by nothing more than your superior behavior, respect everyone around you, love other believers, and honor the king.

Submission is God’s revealed will for you.

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