Terrorism – By Pastor Randy W. Williams

ByPastor Randy Williams

Terrorism – By Pastor Randy W. Williams


A bomb goes off and several innocent people are dead. The world is shocked and the news media begins an endless cycle of reporting. Soon, a terrorist group claims responsibility. Sound familiar?

What goes next is a cacophony of explanations.  Liberals try to understand the pain that the terrorist must be going through to do such a thing, the oppression they must feel or the mistreatment they must have suffered.  Conservatives points to the ideology that drives it and seek to discover how to halt its march through humanity.

This kind of news sells papers and increases ratings for TV and radio.  It sets commentators on an adventure of blame, hyperbole and buzz. Sometimes truth is proclaimed, sometimes it is suppressed and sometimes it is sacrificed on the altar of political correctness and ideological agenda.


We do not call an arsonist a terrorist. We do not call an angry boyfriend who kills his fiancé a terrorist. No, these are crimes perpetrated by criminals, whether by planned action or by unrestrained passion.  Terrorism is so much more. It is driven by a belief system that has settled into the heart of the terrorist.  It might be religious belief, or political belief, or even a mixture of both.

That leads to two key and important kinds of questions:

  1. Where is the terrorist group coming from? What is their philosophy or ideology?
  2. What do they want?


  1. Where are radical Muslims coming from? They have a basic belief that is closed and fatalistic. They believe that Allah is God and any rejection of him is dishonoring of his Being and thus, worthy of death to the infidel that dares to reject him. Allah is deterministic and all that happens to his true followers reflects his predetermined will – que sera sera (what will be will be). So, submission to him is the only viable response for anyone.

Islam means “submission”. Death to non-Muslims is not only tolerated but desired and inevitable for the will of Allah to be done.

So, even though a group of co-workers showed kindness to a Muslim couple in San Bernadino, CA, their deaths by the hands of the “loved on” Muslim couple is to be championed and celebrated as following the will of Allah.

  1. What do radical Muslims want? They want their religion, Sharia law and way of life to be everyone’s lifestyle. It is permissible to accomplish this by pen or by sword. In this way, the whole world will be turned to Allah. Their view is focused, narrow and intentional. There is no deviance from the goal. This makes co-existence, compromise, or cooperation impossible.  Everyone who is non-Muslim is the enemy to Allah. In His mercy they should be given the chance to become Muslim or else die for their rejection of Islam. They hate Israel and the United States and any other non-Muslim country.  Like Mr. Potter in It’s a Wonderful Life, they will not be satisfied until they own everything, and they will do whatever it takes to accomplish it – lie, steal, kill and destroy.


Radical Islam has very little value for life.  Killing innocent victims in the name of Allah serves the greater purpose to force all to submit.  By striking terror, they hope many will lay down their resistance and surrender their resolve.

But there is a world crying out. They listen for the voice of God-ordained authorities to answer how such terroristic action will be confronted, condemned and constrained; how justice will be meted out.  There is a cry for the lives of the innocent victims and their families to be avenged.

Radical Islam must not be allowed to succeed. The strong must stand against the terrorist.

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